The Source of Takayu Hot Spring
Abundant natural hot spring with no added water.
Introductions of the 9 sources
Located in a narrow mountain foot area, Takayu hot spring is one of the most famous hot springs in Fukushima It has sources in 10 locations. Each of them has its own name, such as "Takinoyu" and "Senkinoyu". These were all the names of the old public baths which used to be located just above or next to their sources at that time. Now, the low temperature sources are not in use, but 9 of them have their own facilities.
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Yubanazawa No.3
Takayu No.5  Tamagoyu outdoor bath
Takayu No.5
Takayu No.10 Tamagoyu indoor bath
Takayu No.10
Takayu No.16 Senkinoyu
Takayu No.16
Takayu No.26 Takinoyu
Takayu No.26
Takayu No.42
Takayu No.42
Yubanazawa No.1 Harakensetsu
Yubanazawa No.1
Yubanazawa No.3
Yubanazawa No.3
Yubanazawa No.5
Yubanazawa No.5
Yubanazawa No.6
Yubanazawa No.6
Source of hot spring Yubanazawa No.6
Source of hot spring Yubanazawa No.6
The amount of hot spring water flowing per minute is 3,258 liters and the temperature is 42.8 to 50.5 degrees. The temperature and mineral content slightly vary depending on the source and it is also one of the pleasures for hot-spring fans. In all nine inns and one public bath, the water is drawn utilizing the height differences on the terrain. Nowadays, it is extremely rare in Japan to use naturally flowing hot springs like this in the majority of its inns. In this system, because the size of the bathtub during winter is determined by the amount of hot water that can be drawn, in Takayu there is no circulating large bath facility which tends to be found in developed hot spring areas.
This is the reason why control of the hot spring has been maintained since the Edo era. It was also the deep affection for hot spring and the wisdom of Takayu people which helped to keep Takayu unchanged.
They are all total release style (No water added) natural hot springs.
Source of hotspring   Takayu No.26
Source of hotspring Takayu No.26 Takinoyu
In general, the phrase "Kakenagashi" includes "Partial circulation discharge" and "Added water discharge".
In Takayu hot springs, natural hot springs drawn from the source are kept rich and efficacious, and they are provided "100% natural" without any modifications. (Self-flowing source with total discharge method [No water added or no temperature increased])
For example, in Attakayu Public Bath, we just draw the hot spring water from the Takinoyu source (Takayu No.26) 60 meters away.
This process can be observed from our parking lots. The temperature of the hot spring varies depending on the weather and the number of people using it and the hot spring control is managed by the hot spring manager.
Why do we keep the kakenagashi style?
Pool of the hot spring source.
Pool of the hot spring source.
The real natural source. It has sulfur flowers around it.
Since long ago, the locals here are taught "To protect the mountain to protect the springs". This is in order to protect nature;s blessing and show appreciation for having the hot springs. We know that hot springs have positive effects on our bodies. But we also know that the quality of the hot springs changes depending on how we use them. "Source kakenagashi" is the best method to keep the hot springs’ condition. To know more about the effects of this hot spring, please look at the Takayu Hot Spring Bathing Medicinal Effects’ Texts.
The genuine source which is not modified at all.
Attakayu Hot Spring Dispensing
Attakayu Hot Spring Dispensing: Adjusting the amount of hot spring
Attakayu Gas Removing Trail
Attakayu Gas Removing Trail:
Removing the gas by pumping the water to sides.
Recently, the expression ‘Kakenagashi’ is widely used, but it means not only to flow water naturally, but also means to circulate the water partially or to add or warm the water. The fact that the expression is explained in detail indicates that the information about the hot springs have become more open these days. By the way, what kind of method is Takayu hot spring using?
It is a simple mechanism that releases the same amount of hot spring from the bath as the amount we draw from the source. It takes time and effort to manage, plus, as for hygiene, circular style baths are better, and Takayu hot spring is dedicated to providing the real and natural hot spring everyday.
Takayu Hot Spring with rich water source
Public bath Attakayu
Public bath Attakayu
The amount of hot spring water flowing per minute in this area is 3,258 liters and the temperature is 42.8 to 50.5 degrees (According to the Fukushima Kenpoku Health Center). The hot spring is used by 9 inns and 1 public bath. The locals might be familiar with this but the ratio of water discharged per facility shows that the source of this hot spring is incredibly rich. For example, if we divide the amount of water discharged per minute by the average number of guests (804 people) at the inns, we get 4 liters per minute per person.