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Youth Guest House ATOMA
15-2 Sakuramoto, Fukushima city, Fukushima prefecture 960-2151 Japan
Youth Guest House ATOMA
One day trip bath
Lodging fees
(1 night 2 meals・1 Person・Tax not included))
Lodging fees (1 night 2 meals・1 Person・Tax included)
Family/ Group room list (Non-members)
(More than 2 people ・ Fee per person)
1 Night 2 Meals / 7,310 Yen (Single room 7,910 Yen)
1 Night 1 Breakfast / 5,830 Yen (Single room 6,430 Yen)
Bed without meals/ 5,200 Yen (Single room 5,800 Yen)
※There is no bath and toilet in the room
※There is a special price for kids’ groups
※Please inquire with reception for further details
Style of hot spring
Boiled water