Total Relaxation is Our Pride
1-8 Kaminomori, Machiniwasaka, Fukushima city, Fukushima prefecture 960-2261 Japan
Check in
Check out
Check in/ 3pm
Check out/ 10am
One day trip bath
Adults 400 Yen・Children 250 Yen (Tax Included) 10:00 am~ 3:00 pm/ Closed on Thursdays
Lodging fees
(1 night 2 meals・1 Person・Tax not included)
Weekday/ Adults 7,500 Yen Babies (No meals) 2,000 Yen
※There is no toilet in the room
※Please inquire with reception for further information.
Style of hot spring
Natural hot spring・source 100% Total release style, no water added
※Some of the water used is not from the hot spring