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Tourist information on Fukushima.

Tsurugajo Castle

What's new(Japanese)
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Outline of Fukushima prefecture Introduction of tourist attractions in Fukushima prefecture.(Japanese)

By district
northern prefecture - Kasumigajo castle and other places.
southern prefecture - The Shirakawa Barrier and other places.
Aizu district - Historic spots in Aizu.
south Aizu - Oze marshland,tounohetsuri,Ooutijuku etc.
Hama-dori - Tourist spots on the coast of the Ocean.

By scenic spot
Oze - Wild flowers and marshland in Oze.
Urabandai - Urabandai,Goshikinuma on Bandai Heights.
Inawashiro - Mt.Bandai,lake Inawashiro and other spots.
The domain of Aizu - Tsurugajo castle and places of Byakko-tai.

By municipality
We introduce tourist attractions by city, town and village.
54 municipalities are currently on the list.

You can look for tourist attractions by category.(Japanese)

We provide information on hot-springs in various places.(Japanese)


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