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Urabandai's highland scenery from season to season
Kanzan is located in Urabandai, within the Bandai Asahi National Park, making it a convenient base for exploring the attractions in Aizu, Bandai Highland, and Inawashiro. You can also enjoy the changing natural scenery of Urabandai from your room, as it varies with the seasons. Relax in the hot springs and fully savor your trip. During the winter, the hotel attracts many skiers due to its proximity to numerous ski resorts.
Lake Hibara
Unique services and an exceptional location that are exclusive to Kanzan.
Kanzan boasts an excellent location for exploring the attractions in Urabandai, including a 15-minute drive to Lake Hibara, a 30-minute drive to Goshikinuma, a 20-minute drive to Urabandai Nekoma Ski Resort, and a 40-minute drive to Aizu, making it the perfect base for Urabandai, Aizu, Bandai Highland, and Inawashiro area sightseeing.
Women's mountain stream large open-air bath
Hot springs that can be enjoyed in all four seasons
The pleasantness amidst the dazzling fresh greenery. Even the summer sunshine feels gentle and soothing at Oshio Urabandai Onsen. In autumn, admire the vibrant, colorful mountains, and in winter, relax in the silver world while fully enjoying the hot springs.
Hot sprng outlet
Lively and colorful fresh cuisine
Local sake and fresh cuisine further enhance the festivities, adding a vivid page to your travel memories.
Sake drinking comparison
Guest rooms
The beautiful scenery that spreads by the window
The gentle sound of a babbling stream and the chirping of birds allow you to experience the soothing beauty of nature. Please enjoy a leisurely moment of your journey in your private room.
The view from the guest room
Urabandai Nekoma Ski Resort
It can also be used as a hot spring and ski accommodation facility.
Kanzan is conveniently located near major ski resorts such as Urabandai Nekoma Ski Resort, Grandeco Ski Resort, Alts Bandai Ski Resort and more. It is also close to ski areas suitable for cross-country skiing and family skiing, making it a great choice for a hot spring and ski accommodation facility.
Men's mountain stream large open-air bath
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